Just did my first photoshoot last night. Keep in mind, this is my first photoshoot in 12 months. Well my fucking attempt at one. Let’s just start from the beginning. So I have the model come down early so we can shop for clothes and get a bite to eat before the shoot. First mall, we find nothing, so we go eat, and go to the next mall, we haven’t found shit yet. I’m stressing, because I hate picking women clothes out. We get to the next mall, and we find some sick shit, my confidence is up a bit now. Okay, it’s now been 3 hours, and we finally arrive back at my house. The makeup artist shows up on time, my grips show up on time, everything is great so far. The makeup artist does some incredible makeup, and teases the shit out of her hair, she puts on her clothes, and it looks fucking KILLER. I am STOKED to shot, I mean, stoked… The MUA puts in some hair stuff into her hair really quick because she wants to shoot after, which is absolutely fine with me. We load up the car, and now the sun is down completely (keep in mind, I needed the sun to shoot this location), we go anyways. It starts fucking raining, but we go anyways, we get to the location, and it stops raining. It’s like 8:30-9PM now, we lug all the gear to the location, and I have a lot of gear. I forget a fucking cable I needed, Jamie and the MUA head back to my house, while 2 grips, myself, and the Model are just waiting in the dark for Jamie to get back. 20 minutes later, they get back, I setup the lights, and the scene looks like complete ASS because I needed the daylight or sunset. I have just easily killed 30+ minutes setting up, dicking around, etc… Jamie and I go look for another spot in the area, and find nothing! It’s like 10PM now. Here’s the great part though… Jamie hands his keys to the grips, and for some reason, we had some miscommunication somewhere? Where the grips didn’t understand we were ready to fucking leave and go back to my house, we load up all the gear, and just assume the grips went to the car to sit in it. We loaded everything up, walked back to the car, and the fucking car is GONE. The two grips left us stranded, long story short, we waited another 30 minutes for them to get back, while we kept calling them and calling them, and they never fucking picked up their phone once. It’s now 10:45-11, and we don’t have one fucking photo. Everyone is irritated, but we decided to brush it off, get some McDonalds, and make the best of it on studio paper. We get back to my house, Jamie and I setup the studio which takes another 30 minutes after eating, the Model and I do a few shots because we are irritated. Finally, 11:30-12, we start fucking shooting studio, but the Model has lost her groove, she hates paper apparently, and just wasn’t feeling it. At this point, I am just done, irritated, and pissed the fuck off, lol. So I start shooting the makeup artist now. Shots were decent, the model leaves, and basically I was pumped all day to shoot this Model, and get absolutely nothing of her. I let Jamie shoot the makeup artist, because I was just to irritated to even function.
Well that’s my rant for today. I don’t know what else right now.