I mean, I need to get back to the top, I have too. I had a taste of the high life, and now it’s all I crave, it’s a craving that has to be fulfilled, or I won’t feel complete, I will never feel complete till I get back to where I was and higher. I don’t know if that’s being stubborn, greedy, or whatever you want to call it, but I don’t really care, I have never been happier when I was where I was at. I had the ability to do anything I wanted, and I helped so many people it was ludacris. I love helping others, like they say, giving really is better than receiving, it fills you up inside. It honestly does, I did so many things for my friends, strangers, bum, family, etc… There is one thing I did learn though, don’t ever ever ever expect anything in return, just be grateful for what you are doing. If you haven’t read “How I Made 1.8 Million” and “Young & Stupid: How I Lost My Millions,” you probably should to understand where I am coming from. These are all true stories, and events by the way. So go read those blogs really quick to see where I am currently at in life.
I am going to try to give you guys an idea of what my plan of action is, how I am going to attack this and make millions, then turn millions into hundreds of millions, followed by billions. I have had this concrete plan for quite some time now, and I know it will work, it starts with the internet and ends up in real estate. No, not that kind of real estate you idiot, you honestly thought I meant to become a Realtor and work in sales? Ummm no, oh wait, you probably though, simply buying and selling residential properties for capital gains, or buying apartment buildings, ummm, no… Come on… Really? Think bigger then that sillies. Well anyways, moving on.



My partners Jamie Glamour and Prophecy Onasis have invested $25k into beModel so far, we ran into a lot of issues with the foreign development company from India, which kind of tapped out our investment, so now were seeking another investor, check out my post “Seeking An Investor From $75k – $300k.” In a nutshell, after the redesign, development, and creative guerilla techniques we have mapped out, beModel.com will turn into a multi-million dollar company, easily. I am shooting to make over 1 million per month after about 3 years or so, yes 1 million +++ per month less expenses. This is not being unrealistic by any means, so with 4 partners in the company, we all walk with millions easily. Give or take the amount of equity each partner holds determines who walks with how much, but in the end, I plan on having roughly 5-10 million after 4 years just to me. So in two years, I’ll have 1-2 million depending on growth, could be less, could be more. I’m going to take that 2 million, and find another partner for…



Drivable.com, I have already invested $120k of my own hard earned money into the development of this website. So with the 2 million I earn from beModel.com, I am going to raise more capital from other investors to help get Drivable.com off the ground. Drivable is another multi multi multi million dollar company. Basically it’ll be the premier online social networking, shopping, car enthusiast, everything cars basically to hit the internet. I can’t tell you all the secret ideas behind it, but I’ll just say the niche will be dominated by Drivable.com. Right now it’s just sitting waiting to blow up 🙂 So basically in another 2-4 years when I make my millions from that I am going to take my millions and proceed to…


Real Estate

Real estate is my ultimate goal, and will actually end up being my ultimate passion. I’ve already made a decision to skip all the bullshit residential investing, foreclosure, capital gains, etc… I’m in it for the big numbers, and I am going to jump straight into development and commercial property, I’ll start with buying a 300 apartment building somewhere, put 30% down, and just have a property manager handle everything, and all I have to do is cashflow and watch checks come to me 🙂

Second, this is my vision, my ultimate dream, and ultimate goal in life… I will find a few partners in the industry to partner up with on building my first hotel in LA, or Vegas, or Miami, or any where for that matter, I’ll worry about location when I get there. After the development of that, I am going to build my first Casino & Hotel called “Fashion Suites” in Las Vegas. I’ll probably start with building a few night clubs in big cities like Denver, San Diego, Hollywood, etc.. So basically, the ultimate goal is for me to become a Real Estate Developer, like Donald Trump I guess, haha. No but seriously, once I get 1 million in the bank, it’s done and over, I’m going to build clubs, and hotels everywhere, people will start saying wtf is this Fashion shit, hot bitches every where, amazingness!!!

beModel.com -> Drivable.com -> Real Estate Development = Andrew Fashion = Billions

Anyways, that’s the plan in short, hope you enjoy the blog, comments are fucking appreciated, let me know what you think! Mr Fashion signing out.