A lot of you may not understand what I am about to say, but I have been reborn, literally. It may sound cheesy, it may sound cliche, it may sound invalid, but I have been. Why? Well I hit a point back in November 2009, where I told my self fuck this, it’s time to progress. Progression is changing, I told myself 2010 is the year for the Renovatio. Renovatio is latin for rebirth, and it’s more of just a word to remind me of who I am and what I can do, that I can pick myself back up, that I will pick myself back up. And surprisingly enough, minutes later, I raised $125,000 dollars for my company beModel.com. Literally a week before the new year.
January 1st I started my diet, and I have been on it perfectly since, I started P90X just a few weeks ago, yes I know you can’t see the results in the photo above, but don’t worry, you will soon! I was bloated that day, haha.

Credits of all my tattoo photo’s go to SoAwkward.com except for the ones taken from my cell phone.

As you can tell, I got my first two tattoos just a few days ago, both in the same day, took about four hours.

My chest reads:
The Renovatio

My forearm reads:
a superior man is modest in his speech, but exceeds in his actions

Now here’s even better news, things just seem to be getting better and better. The new beModel is going to be up even sooner than expected, months sooner, instead of 6 months, were looking at 2 – 4 months now. Along with every single feature set Jamie and I wanted to implement into the system, so all I can say is that January has been a fucking amazing month.

I am also having my book published in June, that’s even more amazing news. The book will be done within a few months, and I will be sending out the revised manuscripts to close friends, and people who are legitimately interested in giving me feedback on the book can get a copy of the manuscript. I’ll go ahead and show you the book, because my blog readers deserve to see a sneak peak.

If you are interested in being notified of the book release, please go to my book websites @ Young & Stupid: How I Made & Lost 2.5 Million Dollars and subscribe! The book will be on Amazon.com and in stores nationwide.

I don’t mess around when it comes to getting shit done. Like I said, this is the year of the Renovatio. People, please don’t give up, don’t lose hope, if I can do it, you can do it. Stop dreaming, and reach for it.

Andrew Fashion