Today was the day everyone, after the entire month of busting our ass off coordinating the new website, the wireframing I have been constantly posting on my Facebook Status, the constant Starbucks meetings, and the endless brainstorming. We have finally lined up all of our phases, and the project is now in motion, and we actually recorded the entire day today of what went down. I will make sure to post it ASAP. The video below is not the filming we did today of all of our meetings. The video below is just me getting my tattoo.

Me Getting My Tatto
Credits to Jamie Jones for cutting this video for me

We met with our development team we decided to hire for the new beModel. Essentially, we are now relying on these guys to bring us the baddest of bad websites, time to revamp beModel everyone! The team we hired is LiquidFire. You want to know the reason I hired LiquidFire? Why did I decided to give them the $50,000+ project? Check this out:

PHP/OOP – Design patterns, PEAR,
MySQL, Advanced queries for high traffic (hundreds of thousands of visitors a day)
A snap
Memcaching, caching in general
Over breakfast
Advanced AJAX skills (JavaScript and XML)
All day
Getty fancy with sprites? Sounds fun
Mobile browser experience (we need a full mobile browsing experience built)
Just did a mockup of a mobile site for the fastest growing IT firm the US for them to demo to Johnson & Johnson
Merchant account integration, paypal integration, CC processing, etc…
Done it all.
Experience with API’s such as Google Maps, Amazon, Paypal,, Facebook connect, Twitter connect
Yup, yup, yup, yup, yup
SMS Notifcations
How about a system that sends automated SMS’s on people in the systems birthday’s? That counts, yeah?
User based live chat- similar to Facebook
Boom, done

This was a reply to a craigslist ad I posted actually, and this was the email I received from him, and the bold being his responses. I found it amusing, humorous, and could just tell by his level of confidence he could handle the project. Obviously we had many interviews, and meetings before anything was ever finalized.

The reason the blog title is “January Marks The Start Of Something Great” is because today is the day we cut the check. We were actually able to cut the development time in half as well, and my partner Jamie Jones and I are actually flying to San Francisco to meet with our designer jR. I am extremely excited to finally get out there and get the design process started with probably one of the best UI designers, and most creative individuals I have met in my entire life.

January; The beginning of a stellar beginning
January was an absolutely stellar month. I have accomplished so much, and have met so many new people, positive people, amazing connections. January 2010 has opened the door to so many new opportunities. For example:

I have had my book idea for quite awhile sometime now, but you want to know what sparked me to take my book to another level, and really get it done? This guy right here is the reason that really ignited me. If you read this guys article on me, which he was inspired to write because of my Mixery Video Interview w/ Andrew Warner. I have been working on my book for awhile now, but YHP really kick started me, this isn’t the first time I’ve heard people who have wanted to hear an in depth story of my life, so it just got me going! So thank you YHP! When I go for something, I go big, I blow my phone book up and immediately start trying to connections, I immediately do research, I probably read 30 articles on how to get published and find an agent, and listened to maybe 10 YouTube videos. You think I am kidding? I’m definitely not. I’m a research bug. Here is where my book stands, I am getting published in brick and mortar stores nationwide, and my book will be available on Amazon. How did I do it, by constantly pushing, by not ever giving up, and blowing up my phone book :).

So not only did January mark the month of me raising money for beModel, not only did it inspire me to finish my autobiography Young & Stupid: How I Made And Lost 2.5 Million Dollars (Feel free to visit my book website and subscribe to be notified when it’s available), but it marks the start of something amazing. I have been on my diet, I have been working out, I have been getting my game together more than ever. Hopefully I’ll meet a beautiful lady next 🙂

Well that’s really how January went for me, how did your first month of Twenty-Ten go?

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