Before I Get To My Public Speech, A Quick Recap

I am living proof that you don’t need to be a genius to make it. I am proof that all it takes is a constant burning desire to succeed to get somewhere. See, I’ve had this problem for the last six months, and it’s hitting me harder than a fucking rock. I don’t know if it’s my fixation of fixing myself, or if it’s a disease? Ever since I ended things with my ex Stella (first true love), I have had absolutely no care in the world for women. It’s almost if women are just a bare necessity to get by lately, is that wrong? I can’t stand the fact of starting over right now, trying to find a woman, trying to fill that void is just to much work right now, it’s too god damned hard… I have this dirty obsession, of becoming so big, I want to make a change, I want to be a man of value, a man of character, I want to die wise. I sometimes look at myself from the outside, and ask myself is this an unnatural obsession? Everyone else talks about partying, women, college, traveling, whatever… I think to myself, I must blow this business up, to invest into the next, so then I can build my ultimate Real Estate empire.

Whenever I am hanging out with a girl, sex barely goes through my mind, barely… Talking to a girl frightens me lately, nothing of importance or relevance to our current situation even comes out of my mouth. The only thoughts running through my mind are one of these; a) Money, b) Business, c) Success, d) Value (my value), e) All of the above. It’s actually been very damaging to me even trying to build a relationship with a women, so this is my ending clause; I retire from trying to continue anything of any value with any woman until I am satisfied with my own success. This may seem weird or odd, but the simple fact remains is that I cannot seem to care or focus on women, because the only thoughts in my mind are my businesses.

Back to the opening statement of this blog– “I am living proof that you don’t need to be a genius to make it.” You want to know why I am living proof, is because for one, I absolutely know I am far from a genius, I’m smart, but not super smart. With my constant drive, and positive thoughts of how well things will be, and how well things will go, I keep seeing this weekly change, and I mean every week I see something newer and better happening. Okay, I will backtrack for a minute. December, I raised two new investors in the nick of fucking time. I landed a video interview on w/ Andrew Warner via Saad Milak. Andrew Warner opened up the doors to more exposure for me, landed me two other interviews with some other online magazines such as Which then led me to this blog article on me, which led me to push my book even harder than I already was. Your Hidden Potential actually inspired me to write my book faster, and to get it published quicker due to the feedback I saw from his readers. I am now 4 months away from publishing my first book Young & Stupid: How I Made And Lost Millions, which will actually land in brick and mortar stores, and online at

All of this came from my pinnacle blogs I wrote back in November because I wanted to let it all out, and oh boy did I let it all out, I told everyone how I made millions, how foolishly I spent it and lost it, and how depressed I became. And oh boy was I depressed, want to know one of the biggest challenges you go through mentally when being at the top and losing at all? Mental stability of my security. I was once a man who could do and control anything I wanted, I became so insecure with myself, like not having money meant not being a man. So insecure, I pushed the girl I was in love with away. Pathetic right, it’s all mental though, and I’ve learned that. My pinnacle articles I then followed with this blog post; Seeking An Investor From $75k to $300k attached with my bio and an executive summary.

My e-mail box and facebook inbox blew the fuck up. I had 7 people looking at my deal, and probably 3 more looking for investors for me. Oh sure, I thought a lot of it was talk, but I always go with the flow, I always stay positive, kept in touch, and followed up with phone calls. I repeated on the phone maybe 10 times what beModel is, how it’s going to make it’s money, just pitching my idea left and right to these people who found me from my blog! I closed within a few weeks with two local investors who in fact found me from my blog, you two know who you are, and don’t worry, you two are in great hands. Amazing hands at that, I am about to make you and myself uber rich. I raised $125k via my blog. Impressive to say the least. Am I genius, or am I just a man with a goal, an intensely strong will, and a cute blog? I’m an ordinary man with extraordinary visions and reach. The point is, I wanted it so bad (The Secret in motion once again), and it happened, once again.

All of these events, all of these moments, all of my continuous persistence, inevitably led to this upcoming moment. (Law Of Attraction explains all of this)

My First Public Speech

Yes, inevitably led to my first public speech. What’s the big deal? Besides being my first public speech in front of 300 people, being flown to Washington D.C. w/ paid hotel, flight, and event access for the entire 4 days, I’d like to say it’s another stepping stone for the entire spectrum of my success. The event is Yanik’s Underground Online Seminar, event access is just $3,000. Yup, that’s right, if you want to attend this event, you have to fork over $3,000. Of course it’s absolutely worth it, it’s networking with millionaires, genius’ of all kinds in the internet business, and trade secrets you couldn’t learn elsewhere, last year the owner of spoke at this event. I just so happened to land the pre-day speaking event on March 11th, where I have to give a presentation for 45 minutes on my story, my entrepreneurship, and my experience with the internet. It’s meant to be an inspirational, motivational type speech, and I am actually quite nervous because I have never done a public speech in front of 300 – 500 people, let alone more than a few people? I actually wouldn’t mind hearing some feedback or advice from you guys on public speaking tips, if anyone has any. Go ahead and check out the details of this event here: Yanik’s Underground Online Seminar, if you scroll to the bottom, you’ll see me as one of the pre-day speakers.

I do know I have an interesting story to tell considering I’ve always been an internet guy, I know my way around the net, and I have a wide variety of knowledge in the internet world, I’ve made millions, lost millions, raised capital, and have built various types of websites, and done every form of advertising their is. I just need to make sure I convey the message inspirationally to the crowd with life. Wish me luck.

My Entrepreneurship

I’ve always been a man of honesty, a man of honest ethics, and honest morals. I bend the rules when needed, but never step on anyone. Well I guess in business, you’re always stepping on someone in the end. Taking business from someone else, and becoming the giant. Entrepreneurship is a lifestyle, entrepreneurship defines my number one characteristic, if singing or painting is the characteristic that defines you, entrepreneurship is what defines me, everything else comes after. Succeeding makes me happy, success makes my heart glow, reaching gives me that intensely strong will to pursue. Building companies, thinking of new ideas, raising capital, is what I crave. I am about to launch something new and revolutionary, I am going to make my investors incredibly rich, including myself. I’ve never felt a year like this one, 2010 has really had an incredible impact on me, It’s almost March 1st (about 2 months into the new year), and so much has accomplished, and so many stepping stones of been surpassed beyond measure. Alignment is in my favor this year, and it’s proven itself time and time again just this year. I am telling everyone right now, if nothing is going your way, turn it around right now, stop using dirty excuses, we all have excuses, all of us. I am telling you right now, it’s the burning desire and action you take on your burning desire to succeed that will take you beyond incapable and unexplainable measures. You will be saying to yourself how did this happen, how did I, Me, Myself land this position or opportunity… It’s clear to me, I don’t even need to ask it anymore, I know how I landed it, I know why, it’s because I deserve it.

You know your incredibly talented friend(s) who should be famous and rich for their abilities? Ask yourself, how come they aren’t? They are constantly drowning(being negative) themselves, and don’t think they deserve it, and don’t act on any desire they may have.

It’s time to step it up people. Pull out a piece of paper, and write your todo list, prioritize it, and get going. You want out of that 9-5, believe you can do it, and then actually act on it. I have faith in you.

Andrew Fashion