I’m completely disconnecting from social media for a little while. Why? Well it seems a lot of my time is being wasted through social media, not to say a lot of the social media helps benefit me, but I think I need a break from social media. I don’t need to brand my personal image via social media tools at the moment, only my business needs social media at the moment, not myself personally. I feel like a lot of the time I spend on Facebook could be used elsewhere.
With only 44 days left till the beModel Rebirth V2, our 1 year anniversary, I have a lot of catching up to do. We are so close, with quite a bit left on our plate. So I am disconnected for 44 days, this is my Lent as I believe it is called in the Christian Religion, and I believe it’s 44 days for Catholics? I may be wrong, I am not a religion expert. This is my 44 days of disconnecting from Twitter / Facebook / MySpace / AIM / MSN / YouTube / Skype, unless absolutely necessary (business meetings) that I get on Skype to talk with clients and partners, but only Skype if needed, and a phone can’t be used for some crazy damn reason.

Wish me luck, and I have no doubt in my mind that I can’t do this. Forty-four days without social media is going to be a little tough though. Hopefully you see more progress on my blog, since I am disconnecting.

PS. Don’t worry “social media/networking,” I love you for all you have given us, a great way to communicate, but I simply just need to focus on more important things, and social media distracts!

<3 Andrew Fashion