Wow, been a while since I’ve blogged. Kind of fell off the planet you could say? I have been constantly trying to keep myself up, working on BEMODEL, managing roommates, trying to sell my house, women, work, keep my house clean, and just keeping my head up. The big move is coming, November… Is when I leave this state, I can’t be here anymore, it’s to small for me.
I finally launched BEMODEL with my partner, we are in the debugging stage at the moment. It’s going great, the site is gorgeous, and we are about ready to market and blast, and take this shit to the moon. My plan is to move to Los Angeles by November, and have BEMODEL killing it within the next 90 days.

Let me see if I can sum up what has been going on since Washington DC, I am a little rusty with the blogging, so please bare with me.

1) For starters, I had to delay my book, because of BEMODEL, and I have a lot more to add to the book. So I am probably going to be delaying the release of my book to around the time I move, unfortunately… But it will be worth the wait.

2) BEMODEL took a long time to get it where it is, loads of stress, tons of work, and constant e-mailing/phone calls.

3) I feel so locked up, being stuck in this state. I am ready to leave and get back to where I was.

4) I now have 4 roommates. It’s ‘meh’ but whatever helps pay the bills right? I’d rather have one roommate like before.

5) I am trying to sell my house before I move to Los Angeles.

6) The new iPhone 4 is sex.

7) It’s been quite the struggle to get where I am right now. Very stressful, hard, and overwhelming. But I am almost there.

8) I’m crazy about “something” but I have to be super patient for it, and it’s tough.

I’m in the waiting line right now. Everything is in place, now it’s just patience. It’s so difficult, but seriously, I am minutes away from being a millionaire again, and I can fucking feel it. I know it seems like all I care about is money, but it’s more than that. It’s fixing myself, paying things off, buying a house for my mother, getting a better car, eating good food again, enjoying life, etc…

You know what I’ve realized, and it’s still hard for me to this day, because I am impulsive. Patience. And it fucking sucks, haha. Patience is bitter, but it’s fruit is sweet 😉

So I am going to sit here, and when I say sit, I do mean patiently work and wait for what prospers. Wish me luck.

<3 Andrew