So here I am, working my way back to the top, slowly but surely, and only 6 months away from reach an incredible goal. Millions. Yes, that’s right. I am about 6 months away from being that much closer to a millionaire again.

1) Park La Brea

This is where I want to live this time, a very beautiful community, and much more affordable than the Met Lofts where I was living before. Hardwood floors, high ceilings, amazing location, and just absolutely gorgeous.
Worst case: $2300/mo
Best case: $1800/mo

2) Fashion Furniture Rental

The Andre Furniture Collection with some upgrades from This company lets you rent amazing furniture for your home so you don’t have to go drop thousands on furniture. It may cost thousands when your 12 month lease is up. But $11k at the end of one year isn’t that bad considering I’ll be making money every single month, and it’ll be increasing. You could easily drop 11k on just a couch + TV for quality shit. Staging an entire house, saves you thousands of dollars up front. Why drop 20k on TV’s and furniture when you can just spend 400-900/mo for an entire sick furnished home. At least for now 😉
Worst case: $900/mo
Best case: $450/mo

3) Black Lamborghini Gallardo

Yup… 🙂 A black lambo, and don’t worry I won’t be buying cars in cash anymore. It’s called buying used cars and financing, or leasing, or something smarter than paying all cash. Don’t worry, I’m not buying a 2010 Lambo…
Worst case: 2000/mo (includes full coverage insurance)
Best case: 1500/mo (includes full coverage insurance)

Don’t forget the basic bills!

Cell: $150/mo
Health: $150/mo
Food/Ent: $1000/mo
Internet/TV: $150/mo
Electricity: $200/mo
2nd Mortgage: $650/mo (unless I sell my house within 6 months)
Misc/???: $1000/mo
TOTAL: $3300/mo

Now this is what I have been working my ass off to reach the top again, and it’s actually not much at all, believe it or not. So how do I reach this goal? Well considering I’ll be having a roommate to split absolutely everything with, besides my basic personal bills/needs. I want the fun, I want the toys, I want the LA life again.

What I Need For The Highlife

Total Worst Case (The Highlife): $5200/mo / 2 (roommate) = $2600/mo each
My bills: $3300/mo
Total Cost For Me: $5900/mo
Breathing Room + Comfortability: $5900/mo + $3000/mo = $8,900/mo

What Are You Thinking Andrew?

These are called goals, what I am doing right now is called “The Law Of Attraction,” this doesn’t mean I am going to go spend every single penny as soon as it comes in and buy these toys. Hell to the fucking no. This means, I am planning on making a ludacris amount of money to afford all of this stuff as soon as possible. This is my online vision board, for you guys to see, and to see how well I can hit my visions. I have a real vision board in my living room too, but I figured I’d share it with the world.

Now, I do have business/investment goals too. I actually have much more of those than toys. I’ll make that a blog too, heh. So how do I reach these visions, and toys? Well considering two of my partners all want the same thing I do, and to move to the same place, it’s going to be much easier. As we will all be making a damn good amount of money.

How Do I Make This Reality?

Well, first, I have to know I can do it, and have to start laying bricks in place one at a time. That part has been done, almost completely done actually. The foundation is just about in place, the entire foundation. After the foundation is in place, it’s being patient, which actually where I really am at now. Being patient, being still, and focusing.

But, what do I really need to accomplish in reality to make this happen. It’s actually not that hard. It gets a little more technical than this, but to break it down simply for you guys.

A) I need to sell my house OR rent it out
B) I must reach 100,000 users on BEMODEL by December (equivalent to 38,000 members per month)
C) I must get BEMODEL to at least $50,000/mo net profit by December

Am I confident I can do all three by December? Absa-fucking-lootley. No doubt in my mind. If I hit all three goals by Dec, am I going to go buy all those toys right away? No, you fucking idiot. It’s called a vision board. I’m a numbers guy, I like to put my goals into a realistic perspective. Something you should probably be doing yourself if you want to step your game up and become rich. Well there you have it people, my short-term goals. I suggest you get on it yourself, come up with a business/money plan first, then your vision board. Wish me luck, and I’ll try my hardest to keep everyone updated as often as possible!

<3 Andrew