Hey everyone, been awhile since I been actively blogging, it’s because I’ve been so busy managing my house, roommates, BEMODEL, and just working a lot. Trying to focus, been very tough, with the constant BEMODEL fixes we have to do. So since my DEV team is currently tied up for the next few weeks, and my designer has been very busy as well. I’ve had some downtime to work on other things in the mean time.
So, I decided to give Affiliate Marketing another try. I don’t know if anyone remembers or read a few years back on my blog that I lost a lot of money trying to get into PPC/CPA, using Google Adwords. So I am going to try a different method, and that is selling my own product my partners and I are creating. We are going to be using ClickBank to sell our digital product. Once the product is done, I will post a blog so everyone can check it out, it’s going to be based on Women & Men, and my opinions on certain things. The reason for the image of this post is because it is a “sexy” product really on women. I think I am going to be selling it for $47 with an upgrade to $77 to get all of the bonuses. It’s really an incredible eBook I am writing. Already almost to 100 pages, and packed with information.

I am trying to launch this product on ClickBank and have the landing page and everything ready by the first week of August. If anyone out there as a large e-mail list, please hit me up, maybe we can work something out. I am trying to do a really big Product Launch.

<3 Andrew Fashion