Man oh man, things have been hectic, crazy, and slow all at the same time. So as some of you may know, I raised the $145,000 from three different investors back in January for We started development and design in February, and it’s now almost the end of August, which marks almost 7 months of development and design. I estimated 6 months, so far, we are one month off track. Which is good news believe it or not. Considering all of the ups, downs, fixes, bugs, and changes, etc… I am going to be fixing a few more things on the site, such as bugs and a little re-design overhaul, we’re keeping the same design, just some big adjustments to it. I plan to start marketing BEMODEL in about a month. It’s been very stressful of course, getting this project going, it was a big overhaul with features such as dot-com hosting, with a fully implemented CMS to manage your dot-com website. A prints e-commerce section to handle transactions, so photographers can sell their work, and make money from it. Along with a whole new way of social networking and browsing casting calls. We noticed it was a bit complicated at first for the average user, so we are re-working a few things right now, sorry for the delay. That’s the scoop for BEMODEL so far. Wish me luck, and prepare for launch in about a month.
I was flown to Washington DC to give an hour presentation on my story in front of a few hundred people, and how I made money from CPM ads with high traffic websites, which is what BEMODEL is. If you don’t already know, I’ve netted/profitted roughly $2 million dollars from high traffic websites. I made a few pretty awesome connections from the event as well, and decided to give the affiliate marketing business a try. So I decided to work on affiliate product to launch in the dating niche, and made an awesome 3 joint venture connections for the product launch. I am going to be launch the product on September 14th. This should be a very big launch as well, got quite the JV connections on this launch, that is for sure. I am hoping to reach over 4 million people just for the day of launch.

So the plan is to begin marketing BEMODEL by the end of September, and launch my new product on Sep 14th. If everything goes well, everything should be pretty sweet! The numbers I am expecting to generate are pretty high, so let’s see how this affiliate marketing goes, and how BEMODEL goes with the launch. Wish me luck.