Okay, my brain is a bit to scattered to organize ideas, or thoughts into a structured flow. So, I am just going to start writing things that come to mind, like my to-do’s I need to get done, maybe some vents that are bothering me, and whatever else I feel like saying.

My house has been destroyed, never ever, ever, get more than one roommate. The more “people” you have in your house, the more likely it is to get fucked up. Lesson learned. People DON’T CARE ABOUT YOUR PROPERTY.

Question: I don’t want to place myself on a pedestal. But am I the only person who genuinely cares about people and their respective fucking property?

I am trying to sell my MacBook Pro for $2,000 to get the new one (i7 and hi-res display) that came out right after I bought mine, fucking Apple. Mine is still the new Unibody, but I take care of my shit, and have tons of awesome pre-loaded software, so buy it from me.

I hate women, their stupid (sorry to any of my readers that are women, you’re not stupid). Don’t waste your time with them. Business = Better.

My eBook “Women Chase Men” launches soon. Stressed with that as well, still seeking JV partners, e-mail me.

People are users, abusers, and have no respect for you. Don’t trust them. I’ve come to learn, helping people close to you seems to fuck you in the ass. Help strangers instead. People who are close to you, expect it, and will just walk over you, make them work for something.

I still am planning on moving to California in November. Fuck Colorado, this state sucks. Why would anyone want to live in this POS good for nothing state? Snowy roads, which means you’re more likely to get hit by a dumb ass drunk driver in the snow. My friend rolled me off I-70 because of the snow. The snow sucks, because it’s cold, and I hate driving in the snow. Blizzards suck, because you can’t drive in them. Where is the ocean? Where are the blonde bimbos, bimbos need love too. Where is the beautiful ocean? Why do all celebrity and business connnections seem to live in LA or NY? Everyone knows everyone in this stupid state. And they all suck.

I have two fucking stupid court dates this month, back to back. September 15th and 16th I think? And I have to turn myself in to jail for some stupid ass reason I have a warrant. Fuck speeding tickets. Speed traps, and asshole cops. Judges suck too, because they purposely try to make you look like a retard in front of everyone, and there is always that one cute girl too sitting there.

I need to start working out, the fat, the stress, the pain, and the fucking hell is getting to me.

Nothing makes me happy except for money, right now. You don’t know where I’m at in life right now (so don’t be so quick to judge bitch), nothing is going how it’s suppose to right now. It should be changing soon… * Law Of Attraction * Sorry, life is amazing, and I am going to make millions of dollars in just two weeks. Seriously. BEMODEL + Women Chase Men.

I want to go to Tokyo for 60 days. Fuck this country right now.

I’ve been single for 1.5 years, and I absolutely fucking hate it. Sleeping around sucks, I want connection. The only reason I been single for so long, is because I don’t settle. I have high standards, expectations, I’m shallow, and I want the world. Yes, I’m stubborn, and a Taurus. I’ll get what I want if I just be patient.

If you haven’t noticed by now, this seems to be a vent blog so far.

Watching sports (you don’t actively play yourself) is a big dumb ass waste of time, especially if you idolize the fucking sport. Get a life. They are running around a field/court throwing a ball earning points. You don’t care about their past, future, present. They aren’t characters with stories. They are people just throwing a ball earning points. Why didn’t the kids in school who worked their asses off in Math and Science, who earned scholarships for “REAL EDUCATION”. Why aren’t they walking around with Jerseys that have their name on it, or being awarded or noticed by the entire school? WTF, praise the nerds you fucking assholes, not the “athletically” amazing who can throw a fucking ball and run 10 miles straight. You dumb ass schools throw events, and fundraisers, and parties for “football” but never for the kids who bust their ass studying, when that’s what you fucking tell students to do in school. JESUS CHRIST. Get a grip.

FUCK… The end.