That’s right. I’m officially Almost-Vegan. They say it takes three weeks to make your body feel like it’s almost necessary to do it, or in better words, easier to do it. Tony Robbins on the last day of his 4 day (50 hours of talking) event, decided to pitch his thoughts on health, and oh boy was he convincing, but absolutely right. Before anything, we must take care of our bodies and feel at 100% right? Because if our bodies aren’t how we want them, or if we feel like shit, how are we going to get motivated to build our business? Well, he spent the next 10 hours straight educating us on what you all pretty much know… What we’re eating is complete and absolute crap. Fast food, eating out even, the liquids we consume, and so on. Everything I was eating was 100% horrible even when I thought I was “eating good.” Anything from man-made chemical poison, to processed fats (frozen foods, fast foods, snacks), to refined whites (white breads,pastas,sugars,rice). He broke it down so well, and explained to us how everything we’re putting in our body is so bad for us. We are poisoning ourselves and our children from the day they’re born. Fuck I could go on and on because I love health and food. It’s almost a second passion of mine, it’s just so difficult to stop what we been conditioned to love, fatty chemically cooked food and liquids.
After his 10 hour speech, I was sold after his meat speech, oh god… He didn’t even talk about the slaughterhouses, it was all about how bad meat really is for us, and where the flavor comes from. Uric acid in the animals blood as their slaughtered, and the blood is not fully drained from the animals. Did you know the flavor of meat we’re enjoying oh so much is the flavor of the animals piss (Uric acid). Oh god and the dairy part! You know, and have known we’re the only animals on this planet drinking breast milk as adults! Every other animal on this planet stops drinking breast milk after their infant stages, and do you see other animals drinking other animals breast milk? No, just us. I’ve even known this, just figured the FDA was in our best interest, or just never pictured my physical fucking mouth sucking on Cow titties, sucking milk from their udder, not to mention the chemicals they add to milk actually prevents you from “getting strong bones,” it actually sucks the calcium straight from you, so you’re not really even getting the calcium benefits from milk, it’s hurting you. Oh god, it almost makes me sad to even think about how we’re poisoning ourselves every day.

So he pitched his 10 day challenge, which he didn’t even mention the word Vegan/Vegetarian, he just simply pointed out what’s bad for our bodies, which is very close to Vegan, except fish is allowed. Anyways, I was sold, and he gave us a 10 day challenge. I’m now on day 21 without high fructose corn syrup (or any refined sugar), refined whites (only brown), alcohol, caffeine, dairy, meat, eggs, or any food/liquids with pesticides/added hormones/or fancy ass chemicals that are linked to cancer, which is pretty much everything I was eating. That’s right, I’m almost 1 month completely sober of any fucking drug, and it was tough. Really tough, those first 10-15 days I was having some intense cravings, and I had to eat a salad…

I have drank 100 ounces of water every single day for the last 21 days as well, half my body weight in ounces. The first 2 weeks was a living hell, let alone we were in fucking Maui 4 days later, and we made a promise with Tony to commit to the 10 day challenge, so we did even while on our 8 day vacation. Fuck was it hard, I almost cheated quite a few times, because my conditioning was to crave yummy fucking fatty greasy acidy foods. So we went to the grocery store out there and stocked up on all organic food in our little hotel, and cooked for ourselves every day which really included only salads and fruits, haha.

When I got home from Maui, I deleted/trashed EVERYTHING IN MY HOUSE and I stocked up my fridge with ONLY and ALL organic foods, only brown rices/flours/breads (nothing refined). All organic canned veggies, frozen veggies/fruits, fresh fruits, fresh produce, tofu substitutes for sandwich meat, veggie patties for hamburgers, etc… And now I feel like a fucking Vegan pro, because I just made the most awesome Vegan Gyros with my own homemade Vega Tzatziki sauce. It is not even a thought anymore to crave restaurants, fast food, bad foods, sodas, coffee, etc…

I even switched my shower head to a 5-stage filter so I only shower in filtered water, just google what you’re showering in. I switched my deodorant to an organic one, because did you know you’re rubbing “Aluminum” into your armpits? Google that too, it’s linked to cancer. I asked myself if all this shit is linked to cancer, why the fuck is it in everything we buy? Pick some books up, and educate yourself. Tony changed my life, not just the Vegan part, the first 3 days were insane. I changed all my soaps, shampoos, conditioners, laundry detergent, dish soap, EVERYTHING to organic. I only drink filtered water from a 5-stage filter, not a 2-stage like Brita. Now some of you might think I’ve gone overboard, but hey, if I’m going to test this theory of my immune system boosting, not needing to pop pills for every little problem, and most likely never getting colds/flus again. I’m going to go all the way.

How do I feel? Well the first 2 weeks I felt like fucking shit without caffeine, or wine, or my fatty foods. But now I wake up bright ass fucking early, 7AM every morning feeling ALIVE, ready to work, ready to do anything. I start to get tired around midnight, but feel great throughout the entire day, minus the first 2 weeks. I feel myself getting healthier, and I feel better about myself, oh and I’ve lost 14 pounds of FAT. I was 195-197 before Tony Robbins. Now I’m 181-182. Now that I have the Vegan eating on lockdown, and it doesn’t feel difficult, it’s time to start my workout regimen. Fucking fresh veggies, fruits taste like fucking amazing to me. Meat smells like ass now in the stores, and people smell fucking horrible. Not needing caffeine or alcohol to be ready to thrive during the day is quite fucking nice. I use to laugh at Vegans (not literally, but at the thought of it), I would ask them how the fuck do you not eat meat? Now I know, it’s easy, it’s poison, it’s not to meant to pass through or digestion system, it’s so bad on your body and digestion system.

Now I’m not truly Vegan, because I still eat fish such as salmon, tuna, etc, for the omegas, and other health benefits. I still wear clothes made from animals, lol. So it’s more of, I follow what common sense says to eat now, not what we’ve been programmed to eat and conditioned to stuff our faces with.

What I completely avoid:
White anything (sugars,flours,breads,pastas)
Fake sugars (high fructose, corn syrup, etc.)
Animal meats (cow,lamb,chicken,pork,buffalo,etc.)
Processed fats (fast food, most restaurants, fried food, frozen packaged foods-unless organic,trans fat,hydrogenated oils)
Dairy completely (milk,cream,butter,yogurt,cheese)
Anything from animals (eggs)

What I can eat: (I choose to eat organic only at least 95% of the time)
Brown rice, sugar, pastas, breads, tortillas
Potatoes! Sweet, red, whatever
Soy/Tofu substitutes (soy milk, soy meats, soy based fake dairy products, soy cheese, etc.)
Almond/Rice substitues (rice milk/cheese, almond milk/cheese, etc.)
Almonds, nuts, etc.
All kinds of other fancy shit, agave nectar, flax, cane sugar, yeast
Skys the limit, I just need to read the ingredients, and make sure it doesn’t have processed fats (trans fat, hydrogenated oils), meat, dairy, fake sugar, anything refined, or any weird unknown mad-made chemicals, hormones, or pesticides (LOL good luck on that right?)

I have made a lot of dishes I enjoyed in the past, in a Vegan way, and it’s fucking delicious. If any of you are considering or have been considering eating better, because you care about what you put into your body. I strongly advise you do it now, because it will to late 5-15 years from now when you’ve been stuffing the same chemicals in your body every single day for years on end.

Well there you have it, my almost-Vegan challenge! Below are just a few samples of things my girlfriend and I made.


* Salmon, sweet potatoes, kale salad

Vegan Burger

* Rice cheese, Vegan mayonnaise

Vegan Enchiladas

* Homemade enchilad sauce, corn tortillas, rice cheese, homemade Guacamole, vegan sour cream