Wow, what a roller coaster. I’m sure if any of you have a product you’ve been trying to release, but you just can’t get it perfect, so you keep delaying it, you probably know what I’m going through. You see I had this brilliant vision for BEMODEL, at least I thought so. I wanted to stomp my competitor for the social networking space, and so I’ve been on this fucking mission day and night with designers and developers trying to put together this website. I’ve probably told this story a few times, so I’ll keep this one short and quick.
If anyone recalls BM V1, it was done by a company I hired from India in November 2008, and launched probably around May of 2009. The launch went okay, except for the fact that the programming team we hired sucked, and we got hacked due to SQL Injection. $20k down the drain.

Then I got three investors in January of 2010 to build BM V2 which didn’t go as planned, the functionality nor the design was there, so we didn’t market or try to sell the product, why would we market a told we think sucks? Launched in May 2010 I think. The team we hired fucking sucked AGAIN. So now I’m out of all the investors cash right? What do I do? $150k spent on the wrong people, man if only I could rewind time, but it doesn’t work that way, lessons learned. I’ve been through so much hiring people for jobs, that I feel I have an entire new 2-3 chapters to add to my damn book.

I find a new programmer off Elance for $32.40 per hour, and he’s amazing, I hired him in May of 2011, and we got the initial V3 beta ready in October of 2011. It’s now December 2011, almost 2012. I have been paying this programmer out of my own pocket, I’ve been paying a series of designers, iPhone guys, short-term CSS guys, etc… BM V3 was almost there, the functionally of a social network is there, and it worked great, the design was … okay … When does aesthetics and user experience come into play, how important is it? When do I let go, and say fuck it, it’s good enough, let’s just launch already. My problem is that, I can never just say fuck it, I want it to be perfect. I didn’t like the design we had, because the design was lacking something. I know there is a point and time where you have to realize that hey, my product is good enough, and people want it, you need to get it out there, or else you will NEVER get it out there, and you will just keep procrastinating. But I DO NOT feel like that YET.

But now I do. I have finally discovered, and finally found “purpose” for BEMODEL. I was at a Tony Robbins event, and he said something brilliant to me. I can’t quote him exactly, but it was something like this:

“If your product or service isn’t working in this recession/depression/current economic crisis, maybe you need to rethink what your business can do for customers. Come up with a NEW service or NEW product.”

That’s exactly what I went for. Fuck the old business plan of social networking, fuck it completely. It’s still going to be there, but that’s just the fucking surface. I spoke with some respected photographers, did a shit load of research, and just thought to myself 24/7 about what the fuck can I do, to turn this around. Now, that’s no exaggeration when I say 24/7, I’m sick in the head. I care more about business, and fixing my debts with my investors and delivering what I promised than I do life itself, more than anything… I could easily pay them off with my own cash from Email marketing I have on autopilot now, I’m only making 30k a month, but within 6-12 months, I could pay them off. But I am FUCKING determined to make BEMODEL work.

So I hired a new designer, haha. I’d still like to consider this BM V3 since I’m still using the same programmer and we’re only in the beta stages. A designer for the iPhone App, and the website. That’s right, an iPhone App finally. Expected launch date is 3 months from now. I say that conservatively, so hopefully sooner, but I hate giving timeframes now, because it’s always one thing or another with the teams I hire, and nothing is really ever done when you want it to be, so we’ll see.

As far as what I have coming with BEMODEL is so simple, but exactly what will turn this around. I probably spend an average of 2 – 6k a month on BEMODEL. I can’t even save fucking money because I keep spending it on BEMODEL, because I am either A) that fucking stupid, or B) that fucking determined. Last month looks like this for business:

Some updates on me

For the curious ones, here is how I’ve been doing:

* A lot of you have been asking what have I’ve been doing, a lot of it is email marketing and some search marketing, the majority is email. As far as products, my own e-books, and pushing finance ads.

It looks great, and it is great, but with more income, comes more expenses, bigger bills, and more for me to spend on BEMODEL. So really I’m not doing the best job of saving, but I’m trying as hard as possible. For the negative nancies who are about to say I’m just as stupid as last time. I haven’t bought cars, houses, or much toys, it’s been all into one hell of a risky investment (BEMODEL). The higher the risk, the higher the return right? Fuck a 401k/SEP-IRA/Roth-IRA right now, I’m only 24. And at the current rate of income, I’m on track for about 30-40k/mo. Slowly building my way back up, but to be honest, I’m not fully satisfied, because the last three years of my life has been dedicated to BEMODEL, and I have, in my eyes, have let 3 investors down thus far.

Vegas is okay, it’s tough with no friends, but I have my beautiful Girlfriend who takes great care of me, and we’re both on the Vegan challenge together, and tomorrow marks exactly 30 days of no meat, dairy, eggs, etc… I’ve lost 19 pounds so far, my highest was 197 right before we started, and now I’m 178. Give or take a few fluctuating pounds, so about 17 pounds I’ve lost in reality. It’s insane really, how much weight I’ve lost from my face. I can go on and on about how much better I feel, and how much more sensitive my taste buds are to plant foods, and how great they taste now. But I’ll post another blog on this later.

We have only gone to the strip one time since I’ve been living here, and have only gone out once to the clubs. I’m not really a club guy unless I have a group of friends to hangout with, otherwise it’s boring as poop to me. Poop might be more fun actually. Well that’s just a little update on BEMODEL and myself. Leave comments or questions below, I reply to every single one!