We’re live officially. We’re still working out a bunch of kinks, but it’s up and running! Finally feels like I can breathe a little. Go ahead and sign up, ignore the current sign up and home page, as it will be fixed soon. When you sign up, you’re technically requesting an invite, and you will be approved right away. Shortly, we will have open registration, where you will be able to see the home page and content of the website, do not worry!

We still have a lot to fix though, design wise, just not everything is perfect. So if you see any kinks, report them.

We’re going to be doing a lot of social media marketing, and prizes, giveaways, contests, etc… Starting mid February, so be sure to follow our Twitter and Facebook page to keep up to date with all of that! Here we go!

[quote]One new feature will be released every month up until June 15th, which means we’ll be 100% out of beta.[/quote]

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