My Cancun trip was back in August, but I just now got around to posting the photos, haha. I went with two buddies I met in Las Vegas. Two professional Blackjack players who play only Blackjack for a living, and they’re bosses 🙂
It was incredibly fun. I went fishing for my first time, I caught a Barracuda, we cooked it, and ate it that same day. I went Jet Skiing for my first time, swam in the ocean, had drinks at a bar inside of a pool, and so much more.

It was an incredible experience. I went last minute too, my buddy called me and said hey, we’re going to Cancun next week, come with us, and I was like BAM, let’s do this.

Anyways, I probably wouldn’t visit Cancun again to be honest, because there are so many more beautiful places I would like to visit, and Cancun in my opinion didn’t even get close to topping Hawaii’s beaches.

But other than that, it was fun, it was a great experience, and I was with great people!

Here are some photos!