So I finally made it to Hollywood Hills, where I have been dreaming of living forever. I’m back in LA for life, my house is gone in CO, so there is no going back. Am I happy? My last blog said I feel like I’m missing something. It was LA, I was missing LA’s vibe and energy. I never thought being this happy was possible. Everyday just gets better and better. I really feel like I have something now, I feel at home, at peace, or something, lol. The energy here is unbelievable, the nightlife is just absolutely insane, it even tops Vegas. The people I know out here are incredibly cool, and I just am too happy, am I allowed to be this happy? Business is great, life is great, the only thing missing is wifey 😉 But I’m in no rush for wifey quite yet.
Anyways, please let me know how you guys are doing and please post any questions in the comments below.

Going to try and start vlogging as well.

On another note:

I also might be posting some stuff in the coming months about how I got into the business of what I’m doing now, and possibly releasing “something” for people who want to make money online the way I do.

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