I know a lot of people are curious to what’s been going on, and how I made it, so I’m going to just scratch the surface. I will be releasing more information and blogs on what I do shortly, but I’m working on something to where I don’t want to release the information yet. This post is about the last 2 years of my life, and it’s going to be straight to the point, and exactly how I felt and what I did.
Wow, it’s been quite some time since my interview with Mixergy.com. I did quite the interviews explaining my problems, debts, and how I raised money for BEMODEL.com. I hit a really bad plateau after that interview as well. Things got very bad for about a year. As a lot of people know I almost declared bankruptcy, and almost lost my house to foreclosure.

The reason things went bad, is because after the money I raised for BEMODEL, the money invested basically was just thrown down the gutter. The companies we hired built a shit product for us, and we had no money left.

I was living in my house rent free not paying my mortgage for about a year, literally with zero money. I had a couple roommates, but none of us were making money. I was literally living off McDonalds across the street for an entire year. I’m not exaggerating when I say that, I had no car, and I would go across the street and eat off the dollar menu with all of my friends. We were all broke, and apparently to damn stubborn to get a real job.

How I was even able to get girls to come over and see me is still beyond me, obviously women don’t care if you’re broke, have no car, and eat McDonalds every day. It’s all about your mouth game apparently, lol, which I have none of by the way.

This shit fucked with me emotionally so bad, fucked with me mentally, I can’t stand not being a “man,” it just fucking ate me inside, and I’m sure a lot of us have had this feeling. Where you get to a point, and you say “FUCK IT,” I’m done. I’ve had that feeling a lot, where I actually started working out everyday, or you start eating better, and you never go back, because you say “FUCK THIS.”

I hit that point, where I couldn’t stand where my life was at, I couldn’t stand having a bunch of roommates, I couldn’t stand not being able to feed myself, and I was sick of relying on other people and waiting for BEMODEL to blow up. I couldn’t fucking take it anymore.

So I decided randomly one day to up and leave, I got a small loan, and went to LA and got into an apartment I couldn’t afford, a $3,500 a month place downtown Los Angeles. The same fucking place I lived in when I was with Rose back in 2006. Now how did I get into this place? That’s right, I made fake checkstubs, you might be asking why I did something so stupid, with no income, and only enough money for 2 months of rent. I literally was at the point of I cannot fucking take it anymore, I don’t give a fuck what happens, but I will do whatever the fuck I can to make money and stay here and not have to move, which automatically forced me to work day and night for 60 days. I told myself, they wouldn’t probably even be able to evict me for 30-60 days, so that gives me another 1-2 months of free rent to figure out how to make money and afford to live where I want.

I was being the Taurus that I was, stubborn as fuck, persistent as fuck, and greedy as fuck. I wanted what I wanted. I’ve gotta say it was one of the dumbest things I’ve done, but it worked apparently. It pushed me to figure something out, I literally googled every possible way of making money, from cpa to ppc, to affiliate, to checking into various other methods of making money. I will soon be explaining what I do and how you can get into it. But I slowly started figuring it out, and slowly making money, by the time month 3 was due, I’ve made enough money to pay rent, but ended up dipping to Las Vegas instead…

Why? My Girlfriend and I broke up, and she went to Las Vegas, she was hesitant on coming back to LA because I just broke up with her in LA and she drove all the way to Las Vegas, so I moved out there for her. For some reason I work twice as hard when I have a Girlfriend, it’s weird. I got a sick loft for $1980/mo in Las Vegas at Loft 5, Loft 5 called it their “Penthouse” floor plan, 20′ ceilings, super modern looking, I loved the place a lot actually. I started working 24/7, business slowly got better, and better, till I started making 10-30k/mo profit, some months getting up to $80k per month profit!

Her and I broke up in April, and I was actually hurt fucking real bad. Business started to go south bad… Bad because I started partying way to much in Las Vegas, gambling to much, and then started doing drugs every single night from April – October, mostly Blow(Cocaine), and Molly at least a few times a week, and drinking every night on top of all of this. I was doing drugs every single fucking night, literally, every night, and buying tables, and just being retarded. A buddy of mine flew out a couple times and started to see what I was doing and told me to go back to Colorado and straighten my shit up, and I did. I went home and cleaned my act up and got my business going again, but then I started doing drugs again about 2 weeks later, and ended up in the Hospital. Funny story behind this too, one of my friends stopped completely talking to me because he saw what I was doing… He took me to the hospital, and just left me. Cool story bro… Anyways I’ve been clean since my near death experience, and I don’t know if it’s possible, but I still feel weird sometimes, almost like withdrawals? I don’t know, but what the fuck ever. It was stupid of me, and I almost can’t believe I did that shit for that long. I was the anti-drug guy. Las Vegas murdered me and fucked me up bad, but I have no one to blame but myself, and I am just fucking thankful I am alive, living the dream currently.

I left Colorado to go back to Las Vegas in mid October to stay with a really good friend of mine who is working with me and made sure I was clean, they have two kids, and a wife, so I couldn’t bring drugs around no matter what. Nor did I have the desire. We worked our asses off, and I moved to Hollywood Hills on Oct 31st. I know you guys may think I’m pathetic or stupid for falling down the drug path, but I don’t give a fuck what you think, you live and you learn. I’ve lost a lost of friends on my journey, but a couple stuck through with me, and that’s all that matters, the ones that stick.

I’m now living the dream in Hollywood Hills in a fucking mansion because I moved to LA 1.5 years ago forcing myself to make it and putting myself in a very stupid situation but it worked. I found a way to make money, and I expanded it. I’ve also hired two of my friends helping them out, and they were in definite need of help. Giving is living, and I decided to help my friends out, the ones that stuck. I don’t say this to impress you, but to impress upon you. I found a method of making money, went a drug spree for months, and was able to recover and bring my business back, stronger than before.

And yes I will be releasing this information on what exactly I’m doing soon, I just want to do it properly, so it doesn’t impact my business, and so I can help you guys too. As far as when, I’m not sure, but hopefully within 2 months or less.

I’m now netting $15,000-$20,000 per week after paying expenses and employees out. I have investments in multiple things, and working on multiple projects, and planning to invest in real estate soon. I have fully diversified myself and got to where I want to be. Well at least want to be for now 🙂 I definitely still want to build an empire. And to be honest the money isn’t even what’s making me happy. If I had to live in a small little unit, I’d still be happy as fuck out here. LA changed me for the better, it motivated me, and brought out a new me.

Point is people, what works for me might not work for you, but you never know. I put myself in a fucked up situation, to push me to make it. Because I need to be pushed, no one was pushing me or challenging me, so the only thing I could do was push myself by putting myself in a situation where I had to do something FAST.

Another crazy thing, is 2-3 years ago I made a vision board with a buddy of mine back in the day, and on my vision board I had a Black Bentley, a couple checks written to myself for 1-10 million dollars, a photo of Megan Fox, a Yacht, and a picture of Iron Man’s house. This is no fucking joke. Vision boards fucking work. I have two of the six items. I may not have Iron Man’s house yet, but I’m on my way there. I’m going to make a bad ass new vision board tonight actually. I just reinspired myself once again!

I wrote this at the Airport while waiting to go back to LA, and just figured I was overdue to let people know what’s been going on. Once again people, please comment and ask any questions you may have. Just remember, I wrote this damn fast, and I didn’t proofread.

A lot of thanks goes out to my two buddies who helped me out for the better. I appreciate everything you two have done for me. And I’m sure you know who you are.

PS. Look forward to more blogs, more updates on my life, and hopefully vlogs too. Any suggestions or comments would be appreciated.