Oh boy, where to start. This blog may be a little sporadic considering I haven’t blogged in so long, I don’t even know where to begin! How about a quick four minute video mashup of all the iPhone recorded videos. You may think this video came off as all party, and my one year adventure in LA definitely was all party. Check out the mashup above.

Los Angeles is incredible, I definitely had an amazing time, and met some incredible people. I probably had a little too much fun. I definitely still have the same impulsive problems I’ve always had, such as obsessive pointless spending. I haven’t seemed to learn my lesson from the first time I made millions, which to me, is kind of pathetic. But I guess we are who we are, and it takes time to change a bad habit.

I moved to LA, and my first roommate that lived with me never paid rent, so I was screwed over on rent, so I ended up picking up the $10,000/mo bill all myself once again like always. But life goes on, and I believe in my heart he will pay me back someday. I also got sucked into the Hollywood scene pretty bad, and ended up going out to the clubs way too much. I spent retarded amounts of money on bottles, and just alcohol alone. I’m definitely in the neighborhood of around $50,000 on just alcohol alone in the one year I was in Hollywood. When I made my first millions in 2006, I spent it foolishly on toys, cars, trips, and just random shit. This time around I spent it on alcohol and bottle service.

It’s funny, I remember when Gawker interviewed me, a lot of the haters “trolls” said I got lucky and would never make money again. Welp, looks like they were all wrong. I definitely made money again, including a house which is 1 million more in value than my old house, and a 150k car.

Now I’m not going to lie, the partying I did in LA was incredibly fun, and I met a lot of awesome people. However, it was definitely not worth my health, my time, and the money I spent. Do I regret it? Absolutely not, because I would have never met the person who introduced me to my fiancée.

Talk about an expensive fiancée, I spent nearly $50,000 on bottles within 9 months (that’s an average of $5,555/mo), just to meet her. That’s how I justify my stupidity now. I met a ex-famous skateboarder (Jereme Rogers) from all of my partying who introduced me to her. But she changed me, and is changing me as I type this blog now. I use to be an alcoholic, drinking every single day, from morning until night. Everyday. Literally… Everyday. She has been sober for over a year now, and now I rarely drink at all.

I also got a DUI in Colorado about a year ago. That was a huge mess I had to deal with. Probation, drug tests, alcohol education classess, AA meetings, community service, and so on. That was a huge annoyance to deal with, but now it’s handled and finally done.

I got lost in the sauce in LA, I pretty much stopped working completely. My automated business started to decline a bit due to my excessive partying, and I am still recovering just a bit, but my income is still 100% automated, and everything is going well and rising again. I am still working on a couple iPhone applications, and hope to get BEMODEL going again soon.

So what did I do, learn, and achieve in LA, let me think…

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  • Disneyland is the happiest place ever.
  • Rode all the 3D rides at Universal Studios drunk. The Transformers ride was amazing!
  • Spent a stupid amount of money on bottles at the clubs, and got awesome sparklers.
  • Had crazy parties at my house, and met tons of crazy people.
  • Lived in a mansion in Hollywood Hills, and lived the baller life.
  • Became great friends with Dulcea from Power Rangers The Movie!
  • Visited Santa Monica Beach, Venice Beach, Malibu (Point Dume) Beach, Huntington Beach, and so on.
  • Got in business with a couple people out in LA
  • Went to the awesome Orange County fair, and rode all their amazing rides!
  • Lived carefree for an entire year without having to work at all, I took a one year break off from work.
  • My dog was stolen from someone.
  • Visited Miami with Adam, and partied like crazy during Ultrafest.
  • Visited London to see my new lover.
  • Wrapped my Bentley in white for a couple months.
  • Took a road trip to Las Vegas and Colorado in my car, bad idea.
  • Met David Lehre, and became friends with him. Incredible person!
  • David Lehre also did my Resume Video.
  • Ate at all kinds of amazing places
  • Met the woman of my dreams in Los Angeles.


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I made a lot of mistakes with my first million… I made a lot of mistakes in LA once again… Seems the cycle somewhat repeated itself, but I did learn a lot and had a great time for round two, haha. Since I made the same mistake twice, I decided it’s time to make a change and head to Asia.

Los Angeles Spending

Now, I don’t show this to show off, I’m actually showing it to piss myself off to make myself change. This doesn’t include how much I spent in cash. So you could probably add another $100,000 on top of that… I have nothing to show for all of this except for the 11 months I lived like a baller.

However there are some good things that came from this, tons of connections, I invested in a couple iPhone Applications, and definitely learned a lot. I experienced everything LA has to offer, and of course, I met the love of my life. So I can’t be too upset can I?

After all of this bullshit and seeing my fuck ups again, I decided to make a change, and move to Asia, the goal is to live off $2-4k USD per month.

[lightbox id=”” media_type=”image” thumbnail_url=”http://www.andrewfashion.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/Screen-Shot-2013-10-08-at-10.52.00-AM.png” url=”http://www.andrewfashion.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/Screen-Shot-2013-10-08-at-10.52.00-AM.png” link_title=”This is a lightbox title” align=”” width=”100%” height=”auto” style=””]

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Colorado Going Away

[image url=”http://www.andrewfashion.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/IMG_0181.jpg” width=”100%” height=”auto” align=”left” caption_style=”elegant” caption_width=”500px” caption_align=”bottom-right”][span class=”size-6″]Colorado Crew[/span]Shotun Willies.[/image]

[image url=”http://www.andrewfashion.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/IMG_0283-1024×1097.jpg” width=”100%” height=”auto” align=”left” caption_style=”elegant” caption_width=”500px” caption_align=”bottom-right”][span class=”size-6″]My little brother and myself[/span]Goodbye Colorado, goodbye USA.[/image]

So what’s next for me? I definitely lived it up in LA, partied way to much, spent way too much money, and met a lot of cool people. I definitely will always call LA home, and will for sure move back at some point and time. But for now, it’s time to move on. I’ve been finding myself closer to other things lately. I will always be into business, and will continue working on my business and building my empire. But, for now, I want to travel the world and study. Which brings me to…

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Bangkok And Bali

I sold everything. The house, the car, the toys, the furniture, photography equipment, everything. I cashed out 100%. I’m over it all. I’ve been really trying to look at life differently now, not to say I won’t come back from Asia bigger than ever with my empire. But right now, I feel like materialism was really consuming me, the Hollywood life was just too much for me. I’ve really been trying to ease myself, and slow myself down. I’ve always wanted to study Buddhism, and practice meditation.

So, my fiancée and I decided to move to Asia to study Buddhism, visit all the temples, and just simply enjoy the world without technology in my face 24/7 and materialism. My goals are to seriously study my ass off with culture, health/food, Buddhism philosophy, meditation/yoga, and of course continue working on my business. And at the same time, we will do all there is to do in every single country in Asia!

I will however blog every other day, and release a video every week of what we been up too. I will have a digital camera and GoPro with me at all times. This will definitely be a journey, and you will get to see it all. I’m going to try and build a business out there as well.


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  • To live overseas for at least 12 months.
  • To disconnect from technology as much as possible.
  • To study Buddhism.
  • To meditate everyday for at least 90 days consistently.
  • To workout at least 3 times a week for the entire time I’m overseas.
  • To become more secure with myself, and find myself, my passion, my love, and the real purpose of life. To become “awakened” or “enlightened”
  • To find success in new business endeavors whether that’s import/export, real estate, or still technology.
  • To do yoga at least 2 times a week for the entire time I’m overseas.
  • To become very educated with the Asian culture for each country I visit.
  • To visit 11 countries (china, india, indonesia, japan, vietnam, thailand, south korea, cambodia, laos, singapore, malaysia)



So to sum it up. I fucked up in LA, but learned a lot. I’m over the whole Hollywood life, and it’s time to move on and travel the world. I will be blogging all the time while overseas about my experiences, and what I am learning.

I will definitely keep the world up to date with what I am learning about business, and making money as well.

This blog was kind of all over the place, because so much is going through my head, but my blogs from this point on will be full of amazing video, photos, and information!

Cheers for now!
Andrew Thompson