Hey everyone, Vegan Drew here. I have embarked on a journey with my fiancee. I left America to travel the world, learn about new cultures, and just be overall more diversified in all areas of life. I really feel like traveling and seeing new things will really help with that. I’ve also been wanting to get away from the whole mindset of materialism. I lived in Hollywood for a year, and it consumed me terribly. It took me in, show me its sweet sugar, chewed me up, and spit me out. I left Hollywood with a dirty taste in my mouth with no desire to ever return. Which leads me to my journey across the world. I have always wanted to travel to Asia my entire life, my mother is half Vietnamese and was born in Vietnam, and moved here by boat when she was 7 years old. The Asian culture has always been in me, and I’ve always been fascinated by how it seems they live from an outsider perspective from what I have seen and read. It’s always been on vision board, and it’s been a dream of mine since at least the year 2006. Now I’m here, and it’s incredible. I’ve been to Europe as well, and I definitely prefer it over Europe.
And now I’m onto my transformation. I’ve always had a burning desire inside of me to be successful. Some people are talented artists and musicians, and show their qualities through their talent, and sometimes get paid millions in doing so. I feel my art is building things, and coming up with ideas. I’ve always wanted to build a massive empire that gives thousands of jobs, and gives back to our society. But, I was having a hard time focusing in Hollywood, so I figured what the hell, why not travel across the world and work on my business overseas. At the same time, I can work on myself, focus all of my energy without any distractions from family, friends, and just the whole LA scene.

One of my ultimate goals out here in Bali is to become fully dedicated to my success in business so I can provide for myself and my fiancee in a way that we don’t have to live within means, or ever feel restricted by anything. The ability to be able to help my friends, my family, give back to the community, and help those who are underprivileged or in great need of help. So I have been grinding harder than ever out here, and trying to find the next way to step into at least the 8 figure income. Over the last few years of my life, actually almost a decade now, since age 18, I’ve been stuck around the 3 million dollar gross range, and I have nothing to show for it. It’s time to step back and reevaluate the decisions I’ve made over the last decade of my life, and come back even stronger with at least 8 figure income! 

I’m very grateful that Hollywood shit on me to be honest, because I’ve been able to let go of everything materialistic, I’ve ditched the expensive clothes, the expensive furniture, and have completely stopped caring about any of that shit. Now this doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate it, and won’t ever buy fancy things again (of course I still want a Bugatti). But, the point is, I’ve been able to get myself out of the mindset of it being a necessity to “be cool” or better yet, craving attention for something as silly as material shit.

My second goal is to become completely in-tune with myself. This has always been interesting to me. Spirituality, religion, health, nutrition, meditation, etc… Being completely honest, it’s confusing as fuck. You always hear people speak of things like, “to become spiritual,” or “to find god.” I was always confused, like what the fuck does that mean. How do you find god? How do you become more spiritual? But I have come to an ultimate understanding that fulfills me and makes me happy. I have 1000% decided, I am not, nor will I ever be religious, ever. Over the last year or so, I’ve slowly been believing the philosophy of the Buddhist traditions, and there are so many various forms of Buddhism it’s insane. Just when I was in Bangkok speaking with a man who owned a delicious Indian restaurant was explaining his beliefs on Hinduism and Buddhism and how their culture views it, and it’s just so peaceful and beautiful to me. It’s what feels right to me, and I can’t explain it yet, because I’m new to it, but it makes me feel like a better person. What I love about the idea or philosophy of Buddhism, and I have actually been reading a book on it which is amusingly named (don’t laugh) “Buddhism for Beginners,” explains all the different variations of Buddhism, and how almost every country in Asia practices it differently because it’s more a set of beliefs/philosophies you should follow in order to be a good person, and once you master yourself completely with the principles taught by Siddhartha Gautama, you would have become enlightened or awakened. Which I find so fascinating! And this leads me to health and nutrition. One of the 5 precepts of Buddhism is to not kill, which is obvious with probably 99% of the worlds belief. But, in Buddhism, this means committing the act yourself, instructing others to kill, or approving of or participating in act of killing a human or animal. I’m slowly becoming an animal rights activist as well. Now I don’t want to go to in depth about my beliefs on meat right now, because I will do this in future posts, but as most of you know, I’ve been Vegan* for over two years now, and sometimes treat myself here and there. I’m getting off topic now, haha. Point being this:

1. I want to master my beliefs on spirituality. I want to become the best person I can be. I want to better myself, and I think to me, this means becoming honest, genuine, sincere, caring, and giving. I want to completely rid the thoughts of negativity, hate, and revenge. Deep inside, I still have negative thoughts about people, and still want revenge. I don’t mean revenge in a murderous way, I mean revenge in a “shit on them way.” And that’s bad. But… I feel an incredible change already, the more I want to change, the more I am changing, it’s crazy. It’s like the law of attraction is working for my spirituality as well!

2. I want to become as healthy as possible. I want to become the best possible Vegan I can be. I want to become fit, and this means hardcore nutrition and working out every single day. I will be documenting my journey along the entire way, once a week I will post what I did, what I ate, and photos for people to see results. This is week one. I will post results every Sunday. I’m going to juice a shit load everyday, and consume mostly a raw vegan diet. I will dabble in the occasional Salmon maybe once a week to make sure my Vitamin B12 levels are where they need to be (yes I know I said Vegan, that’s why I said best Vegan I possibly can be; see below). I will post everything I do, study, and learn from fitness, and nutrition. I am going to post data, results, and before/after photos every week to document my journey, and to better motivate myself. Week one starts now. It’s on my friends.

3. I want to come home with an 8 figure business. This means countless hours in Bali will be spent working on the computer. I am back to my old stomping ground like when I was 17, grinding every second and hour of the day. I have multiple ideas cramped into my Evernote. I am on the grind, reading, studying diligently, preparing my next plan of attack. Properly planning and indulging myself in constant knowledge, so when I do execute in the next 60-90 days. I execute perfectly. What you learn in college in your 4 years, I will have learned double that knowledge in a matter of 90 days. I don’t say this to be cocky. I say this because when I grind, I grind straight, hours on end in front of the computer soaking up data like a fucking sponge, and loving every second of it. Mock my words, double digit millions, aka 8 figures when I return. This may be out of line, but let me shed some light of my daily schedule, and when I say this to you, I am not even fucking exaggerating, just ask my fiancee, she hates it, but loves it. Here is my schedule on a day-to-day basis:

5AM: Wake up, kale juice

6AM: Workout hard as fuck for one hour

7AM: Plant protein shake or raw food breakfast

7:30-8AM: Sex if I’m in the mood.

8AM – 10AM: Computer work

11AM-12PM: Raw food meal two

12PM – 5PM: Computer work

6PM-8PM: Raw food meal three, spend time with Fiancee; sex again if I’m in the mood

8PM-12AM: Computer work. Raw food meal four or juice somewhere in there.

Did you do the math? That’s 9 hours of constant reading and studying, my eyes are fucking glued to the screen too. 9 hours 7 days a week is 63 hours a week, which is 252 hours a month which is 756 hours in 90 days. Divide that by 24 hours, that gives you 31.5 full days of studying and reading and grinding the fucking shit of my shit.

Now take your average college student majoring in whatever. Just the classes they are taking for that major though. Let us say they are taking three classes a week for that major, and attend that class twice a week, that’s a total of 6 classes, and 9 hours. And an average of 14 weeks in a semester, 14 weeks x 9 hours a week brings us to 126 hours of education from your teacher. Two semesters in a year brings us to 252 hours in one year. Now do that times 3 years, and we get exactly 756 hours like the hours I just calculated above, which is odd, because I am totally free styling this blog. And that matches EXACTLY the hours

Granted, I do understand you’re studying on the weekends yourself, and you’re learning from an “educated professor,” and of course you get that beautiful degree. I am not against college or education in anyway at all. I’m just making a small comparison.

I am getting the same amount of education in a field or expertise of my desire which I love doing on my own free time, without paying a penny, or having to drive anywhere, in 90 days, compared to your three years, haha.

But, me on the other hand am fully dedicated to work and working for myself, and not looking to get a job from someone else. I make my own destiny, and create the jobs.

Now this is no joke, I am fucking in grind mode.

So in conclusion my friends. I will not return to North America until I am rich, ripped, and enlightened.

Vegan* – Now I use the word Vegan losely because it’s become a term that is very popular in the Western culture now. Vegan is starting to be used very heavily almost everywhere, especially in LA. Restaurants are popping up everywhere named Vegan this and Vegan that, and a lot of restaurants are starting to offer veggie and vegan options. I can’t truly claim I’m a perfect Vegan, just like people can’t claim they’re a perfect Christian. Nobody’s perfect. I still wear certain items of clothing that have leather, and still have an occasional piece of fish here and there.

Andrew Thompson