The airport and flight was not bad at all. We arrived three hours early (meant to make it two hours early), oops. Of course my fiancee packs a huge bag, which all of my friends advised against. The bag was overweight (of course), but I told her she could pack a bag. My friends were 100% right about packing luggage, pack light when going to Asia, and you plan on bouncing around! I tried to upgrade to business or first class with EVA Airways, but apparently they have a new rule you must book within 24 hours of your flight online or over the phone. We weren’t bummed at all, just would of been cool, but hey, it saved me probably around $1000-$2000 USD. The flight went very smooth, we landed in Taipei first, got off the plane, and just went down one gate to our flight to Bangkok which departed 30 minutes later. We landed in Bangkok and went through customs which was super easy, they didn’t have any questions for us. We had only a one way ticket into Bangkok as well.
My silly ass forgot that we landed at 1:30 AM, and hotel checkin isn’t until 3PM. So I contacted the lady I got our apartment through when we were connecting in Taipei to get us a room for the night, and she did. The room for the night last minute was 1,000 THB (Baht), which is the equivalent to approximately $30 USD.

Getting internet was a bitch when we landed in Bangkok for some reason, but I was finally able to connect to “Boingo” and I just decided to pay monthly for their service, since apparently they have Wifi in 600+ airports around the country. I figured it might come in use later when bouncing country to country. After I connected to Wifi, I called her via Skype minutes I purchased for $10 USD. You could also simply just pickup SIM cards at the airport to just pop into your phone, but they didn’t have Micro SIMs that would fit in my iPhone 5S.

After she gave me the address to the new hotel for the night in Thai, I had to show the taxicab driver the address on my iPhone screen. Taxicab drivers speak absolutely no english, haha. So the whole ride there, we were just super confused if we would get there alive. However, he got us there alive, and it was pretty sketchy and scary at first, going into a dark alley with all kinds of homeless people on the street, stray animals, and people pushing empty food cards around at 2AM.

We found our apartment we were staying in, and it was a lot nicer than expected. Wifi works incredibly fast. The bathroom is super clean and modern looking. The mattress, stiff as a rock, but that’s okay.

After our first night at the temporary place, she organized a cab for us to get to our next place where I booked for 10 nights, it was literally just right down the street.

The photo above is where we’re staying for 10 nights, and it’s much nicer than the first place, and it was only $299 after all fees for 10 nights, which comes to $29.90 USD per night. You can find even cheaper if you wanted too, a lot cheaper. I booked through, and incredible service for finding deals on rooms wherever you’re traveling.

The internet was incredibly fast too, definitely working conditions for an internet geek like myself.

The Streets

Since we landed Friday morning at 1:30AM, we decided to sleep until 7AM, and then hit the local streets around us. It’s crazy, and it’s just like the movies. People pushing carts manually with food, and selling food / groceries off of carts everywhere. People living in their own little houses off the of street where they’re selling their cart food. You can literally live off 100 THB (Baht) per day if you had too which is the equivalent of $3.20 USD. Delicious chicken and egg Pad Thai is only 50 Baht ($1.60 USD), and egg rolls or 10 Baht each ($0.33 cents each)!

Chatuchak Weekend Market

This place was just amazing, they say there is anywhere from 10,000 – 15,000 booths! It’s their most popular weekend market, and they have everything, and I mean everything! If you ever go visit Bangkok, just bring a backpack, I promise you do not make the mistake my lady and I made. You will regret bringing luggage. They have EVERYTHiNG, nice stuff, knock offs, decent knockoffs at that. Good enough to last your trip, and hell… Even to bring back home if you wanted. Check out this photo below:
The three pair of drop crotch pants on the right, which are incredible quality and will be wearing all the time back in America were 800 Baht total ($25 USD), the 6 pair of knock of designer underwear, which I can barely tell the difference from real designer underwear were 500 Baht total ($16 USD)! And now the knock-off Dre’s were 150 Baht each ($4.80 USD)! And yes you can definitely tell the quality difference in the sound, and even the quality of the plastic and printing on the earbuds. But hey, if you can’t afford real ones, they definitely are good enough if you just want to rock them and look cool, haha.

All in all Chatuchak is awesome, and you can get anything, clothes, food, they literally have knock off everything, watches, converses, Nike, Adidas, Louis Vuitton, the list goes on and on. Never pay full price for anything even if you just knock off 50 Baht, just smile and have fun, and they will bargain with you all day. And if you don’t get the price you want, just say “No Thank You” (Mai-krap, Kob-Khun Krap) and start walking away, and they will usually knock off 100 Baht as you walk away, haha.

I have so much more I want to post, so keep your eyes peeled.